Required NYC Annual Boiler Inspection

The annual low pressure boiler inspection is a requirement of the New York City Department of Buildings, ensuring that all required boilers operate safely and are following the NYC Building Code and all related regulations. The Boiler Inspection Cycle is January 1 to December 31. Low-Pressure Boiler and High-Pressure Boiler Internal and External Inspections must be performed within this cycle.

Regular inspections of your boilers are essential for maintaining their safe operation and preventing costly repairs. In New York City, all boilers, regardless of their pressure level, must undergo an annual inspection by a licensed professional engineer (PE) or a qualified boiler inspector.

Failure to comply with these regulations could result in serious consequences, including fines or the suspension of your boiler operation. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you schedule an inspection of your boilers before the fall heating season.


High-pressure steam boilers 1 Year 1 Year**
High-pressure hot-water boilers 3 Years* 1 Year
Low-pressure steam boilers 3 Years 1 Year
Low-pressure hot-water boilers 5 Years 1 Year

*If equipped with manholes and handholes, an annual internal inspection is required.

**Approximately six months after each internal inspection.


  • Inspections made by inspectors commissioned by NYC Department of Building (DOB) such as our qualified technicians are accepted in lieu of inspections made by a department inspector.
  • Reports of inspection must be filed with the department on National Board forms or electronically through the jurisdiction online system within 21 days after inspection with a fee of $100.00 for each boiler inspected.
  • Reports of external high-pressure inspections are not required provided an internal inspection report has been submitted to DOB.
  • Reports on all internal and external low-pressure inspections must be submitted. The internal low-pressure inspection is considered as a non-certificate inspection for which the $100.00 fee will not be charged.
  • An inspection made by an inspector holding a National Board Commission will be accepted.
  • The department must be notified of the suspension of insurance on account of dangerous conditions.
  • The department must be notified of new business and discontinuance of insurance.


Certificate of Inspection, valid for 12 months for high-pressure boilers and 12 months for low-pressure boilers, is issued by the insurance company for insured boilers and by the department for uninsured boilers.

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