Home Heating Services for New York

We are not only the metro area’s premier commercial fueling and service company, but also its best qualified home heating service provider.

East Coast Petroleum offers full home heating services, including automatic and will-call heating oil delivery of our clean, renewable Bioheat® fuel; equipment service and maintenance; 24/7 emergency service; money-saving service agreements, budget plans and price protection.

Heating Oil Delivery

Homeowners and renters in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, Nassau, and parts of Westchester can get delivery of high quality Bioheat® fuel heating oil from East Coast Petroleum. We offer automatic delivery or will-call services – you place your order whenever you wish. With automatic delivery, we track your historical fuel usage and determine your fuel needs based on the daily temperature. When our computerized system calculates when you are reaching a refill point, we schedule your fuel delivery. Automatic delivery removes two chores from your to-do list: you do not have to check your tank gauge and you do not have to call to set up a delivery. Automatic delivery customers are also eligible for our Price Protection, budget, and service agreements.

Please Remember to Clear a Path

This is a reminder that our delivery personnel could be coming to your property during and after snowstorms and require safe access to the fill location to provide you with your heating oil delivery in a safe and timely manner. When there is impending bad weather, please clean the snow and ice to your oil fill line.

Upgrade & Save on New Equipment

We are proud to be a registered equipment installer for the Upgrade & Save New York Rebate Program. This program offers homeowners rebates up to $800 when they replace an oil-fueled boiler, furnace and/or oil storage tank. The savings continue month after month in lower fuel costs from the new, higher efficiency heating equipment!

Price Protection

We also offer a fixed price contract for home heating oil. You will pay the same amount per gallon for your contracted volume for the entire term of the contract, regardless of any changes to the daily price of heating oil, because we enter a contract with our wholesaler to purchase it for you at a flat price.

Budget Plans

With a budget plan, customers on can spread their heating costs over 12 months. This makes it easier to manage monthly expenses, as you will have a better understanding of how much your home heating costs will be.

  • The budget is calculated as an average of the prior two years to determine usage.
  • Then we divide the cost by the number of months of your budget plan run, which is based on your enrollment date, but is usually 12 months.
  • Budget plans start July thru June.

Price Protection may be a good choice for you if...

  • You want to know exactly the price per gallon for what you will be paying for heating costs.
  • You need to plan your costs to not upset your budget.
  • If prices trend up you don't want to have to worry.
  • NOTE: Your price will stay the same even if prices go lower, because the price is locked in at the beginning of our term.

Residential Service Plans

Our Residential Service Plan includes an annual inspection and tune-up, parts replacement for the items in your system most likely to break down as specified in your agreement.

New York City Heating Bill Assistance

During the winter months, low-income New York City families have a few resources available that can help them pay heating bills or allow them to conserve energy. The primary resources are HEAT LINE, weatherization, Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), HeartShare, and the Utility Assistance Program (UAP). Each program offers a different form of assistance to qualified NYC households. The information provided below is summary in form, is intended for informational use only and you need to contact the providers in order to obtain qualifying information for your specific needs.

The HEAP/Home Energy Assistance Program is a supplemental program that is paid for by the federal government. It uses a grant that can help pay a portion of the energy and heating bills of qualified New York City residents. There are two different versions of this resource.

The regular component is for your ongoing, monthly bills. It will often be provided to you in the form of a credit on your account. Funds from HEAP can pay natural gas, electricity, propane, wood, heating oil, kerosene, coal, or other fuel source. Call 1-800-342-3009 to apply or get more information.

There is also an emergency or crisis part of HEAP, which can help a family in New York City who is facing a crisis. This can be available if your service is about to be disconnected, or you are out of fuel, and in these instances financial aid is offered only as a last resort. Call your nearby NYC department of social services office to apply for this. Also inquire about the free weatherization program when you call, as this can help you save money by conserving energy.

Another part of this service is a heating equipment replacement or repair benefit. This will help keep an apartment or home warm. So, if your furnace or equipment is not working or needs to be replaced, some grants may be offered for that expense as well. The goal is to help low-income homeowners (or even renters) repair or replace the residence’s primary heating equipment and/or keep the current system functional.

The Utility Assistance Program is for households and families that have a member who is mentally impaired, blind, disabled, or elderly. Individuals who apply for this benefit also need to be residing in a home that is neglected or in a hazardous environment. If you need help paying your heating bills, and you meet these conditions, the UAP program and your Local Department of Social Services office may be able to assist. Call 1-718-557-1399 for more information.

The New York City Heat Line program arranges home visits from social workers or others who will review your energy situation. Dial (212) 331-3150. All of the advice provided by the worker is done so at no cost to the household. If you call the service, you can arrange for and schedule a home visit to explore your options, including reviewing the state of New York, federal government, and local non-profit assistance programs.

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