Residential and Commercial Generators for New York City

East Coast Petroleum provides full coverage generators for home and commercial properties. Power outages are no longer a concern – our generators can power up a single home or manufacturing plants – so there is no lost income or business downtime.

East Coast Petroleum will spec out the right generator or generator array for your property, provide cost estimates, and manage any installation, permits and connections.

Mobile Boilers

We have a large fleet of mobile boilers. We can accommodate all sized properties. Our mobile boilers range from 90 horsepower to 400 horsepower. All of our mobile boilers are Scotch Marine Boilers. A Scotch marine boiler is a fire tube boiler that works to produce steam from water.

What is a mobile boiler?

A mobile boiler is a fully operational portable boiler room that provides steam, hot water and/or domestic hot water. While mobile boilers can be used for various applications, facilities primarily use them for emergencies and scheduled shutdowns.

What kind of emergency?

The most common emergencies that require a mobile boiler are the loss of a heating boiler and the loss of a process boiler. When a building experiences a failure of a heating boiler, it’s critical to fix the issue immediately. Depending on the severity of the issue, an immediate fix may not be possible, and the property will need a mobile boiler to supply temporary heat. This is particularly important to many types of facilities, including hospitals, colleges, universities, and apartment buildings.

A mobile boiler is also needed if a building loses its process boiler. Process boilers are often crucial to daily operations. A process boiler failure can result in a loss in production, which can be extremely costly to the bottom line.

For customers in the New York City Metro Area, our mobile boilers can be delivered and running within 24 hours. To request a mobile boiler, call East Coast direct at 718-402-5107 / 800-545-9155.

Temporary Oil Tank

A temporary oil tank provides a local supply of heating or diesel fuel for boilers, emergency generators or other stationary engine driven or oil-fired equipment. We can provide from 275-gallon to 15,000-gallon New York City approved storage tanks. Our tanks are UL Approved, NFPA 30 Compliant. For customers in the New York City Metro Area, our temporary tanks can be delivered and running within 24 hours.

To learn more about or request delivery of a generator, mobile boiler or temporary oil tank, call East Coast direct at 718-402-5107 / 800-545-9155.

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